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Renew Crew

Wood is a tremendous material for fences but unfortunately it quickly grays out. It not only looks dull when it grays out but often it no longer meets the strict requirements set out by HOAs. The good news is not only will our fence cleaning remove excess dirt, mold and sludge; but our sealing and protecting will restore the natural color. Often times fences look like they’re brand new after our fence restoration.

In the photo below, we cleaned both the fence and the concrete patio. This fence was beginning to fade. By sealing and protecting the fence, it not only looks new again but our protectant will keep it looking good longer.

Did you buy a great play set for your yard and it just looks older than it is due to time and weather? The good news is that with play set cleaning, we can make it look just as good as new again. In the picture below, we cleaned the entire play set plus the perimeter fence.

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Does your backyard oasis include a pergola or other outdoor structures in addition to your fence? We can also clean those when we come to clean your fence.

It doesn’t matter if your pergola is intricate or is at a height that’s tough to clean. We will do it for you. Our cleaning process gently removes surface dirt to even the most intricate outdoor wooden structures. If your pergola or open porch columns are trimmed with natural stone, cultured stone, or pavers, we can clean that also.

This privacy fence is a stunning enhancement to this large Atlanta yard.

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